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Which Hornet Heater is right for me?

Engineered to safely heat high value assets, we have a heater that will satisfy your heating needs. Each electrical connection is individually soldered, encapsulated and sealed. This process was instrumental in achieving an IPX7 waterproof rating (the only enclosure heater on the market with this certification). Depending on your needs, be sure to choose the correct thermostat setting to maintain your desired temperature.  Our thermostats are hermetically sealed to guarantee safety. Because of this, they are non-adjustable. If you need an adjustable thermostat, we can build a heater without a thermostat and a remote thermostat may be used.


There are a total of four different Hornet Enclosure Heaters with various options available to suit your needs. Please inquire if you have an application and do not see your solution. 


Please refer to the chart below to determine which Hornet Enclosure Heater is right for your enclosure size. 


For units up to 1,000 watts please inquire via email about your requirements. 

Wattage Calculator:

wattage calculator pdf

thermostat controlled electrical enclosure
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